Our ministry for college students aims to equip them to become healthy church members. Our college ministry program includes:

  1. Sunday Small Group: Following the service each week, students are invited to join Associate Pastor Jeremy Hudson at his home for lunch. During this time, we pray, reflect on the sermon from the morning, and engage in meaningful discussions.

  2. CONNECT: This ministry pairs students with church members and their families. The purpose of CONNECT is to facilitate deeper connections between college students and the broader church community. This opportunity allows students to interact with individuals outside of the college ministry. To learn more, please click here.

  3. Local Church Connection: Our college ministry collaborates with other local churches in the region, assisting students in finding a healthy church to join upon graduation. EBC strongly encourages students to explore job and internship opportunities in areas where they already have familiarity with a thriving local church. An upcoming partnership is scheduled with Iron City Church in Birmingham, AL, on October 7. Further details for our local church connection in Spring '24 will be announced soon.

  4. CROSS Conference: Taking place from January 3-5, 2024, in Louisville, KY, the anticipated cost for attending this conference is $450. For more information, visit crosscon.com.

  5. Fall and Spring Reading Groups: Throughout the year, students are welcomed to participate in reading groups. These groups convene at the end of each semester to discuss the material covered during that term. The designated book for Fall '23 is The Son of God and the New Creation by Graeme Goldsworthy.

  6. Summer Reading Plan: Students are also encouraged to engage in a summer reading group. This four-year cycle involves working through selections from the Building Healthy Churches series by 9Marks. Participants are expected to read 1-2 books and provide succinct responses to follow-up questions.