Making and maturing disciples for the glory of God is our purpose as a church and we desire for college students to join us in this work. Through CONNECT, students will:
- be connected to an EBC family.
- develop deeper relationships with people in the church.
- grow in their walk with Christ through fellowship with the body.

Student CONNECT participants must agree to the following:
- Pray for your CONNECT family weekly
- Return phone calls/emails/texts from your CONNECT family in a timely manner
- Be available to spend time with your CONNECT family once per month
- Make an effort to speak with your CONNECT family at EBC services and gatherings

For student registration, please click here. If you have any questions about CONNECT, please contact Jeremy Hudson.

CONNECT Family Information

EBC families will help students engage in biblical community and endure in truth by:
- hosting students in your homes.
- inviting them to join you on family outings.
- bringing them to EBC events where they can connect with other EBC members
- modeling faithfulness in regular church attendance.
- checking on students and encouraging students when they are not at EBC services.

Adult CONNECT participants must agree to the following:
- Pray for your CONNECT student(s) weekly
- Find and speak with my CONNECT student(s) at EBC services
- Open up my home to my CONNECT student(s)
- Spend time with my CONNECT student(s) away from EBC at least once per month

To register as a CONNECT family, please click here.