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May Fasting

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This year the SBC has (rightly, in my opinion) returned to a familiar emphasis. Years ago every church in the SBC heard the phrase, "Each One, Reach One." The concept was simple: if each member in a Southern Baptist church shared the gospel with just one person, can you imagine how many people would come to faith in Jesus Christ? We are now being reminded of this familiar emphasis, but with a different phrase: "Who's Your One?"

The concept is very simple: begin praying for one person that you might invite to church or share the gospel with in the near future. Listen to the Southern Baptist Convention President, J.D. Greear explain in this 2-minute video:

Tomorrow, I'm encouraging you to pray and fast about one person with which you could share the gospel. You may even hear God's answer to your prayer when someone around you says one of those three "not" statements.

If you don't feel you can fast for a day, consider fasting for one meal. If not one meal, pray anyway! Perhaps we will see the Spirit move in our community through our church being faithful to the charge of the great commission.

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