Worship services will be in-person and online from 10:30 - 12:00 on Sunday morning.

Midweek services will be in-person and online from 6:15 - 7:30 on Wednesday night.

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2020 Bible Reading Plan


This year for our Bible Reading plan I want to try something a little different than the plan we've done the last couple of years. The plan for 2020 is put out by Crossway. The biggest differences in this plan over the one we've used the previous two years is that it has readings every day. That being the case, each day's reading is much shorter than with the other plan.

We will also provide copies of these in the foyer if you'd rather grab one there.
However, if you are a smartphone user and would prefer, I have made a group through the YouVersion Bible App. By following the link below, you can join said group, we can read together, make comments about what we've read, and you can even opt to listen to the text over audio if you'd prefer to read on your commute. Click on the following link to join our group:


If you prefer your own plan, then by all means go forth and conquer! I hope this year produces much fruit through your regular reading of the word of God.