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The Cooperative Program: An Overview

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Introduction Toward the end of this year, we will pause our study of the book of Matthew to consider our church's role in missions. This brief sermon series will end with a World Missions Offering, 100% of which will leave our church. 70% will be given to the International Mission Board (through the annual Lottie Moon offering), 20% will be given to the North American Mis...

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What We're Singing: September 2

Congregational music for September 2, 2018....

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What We're Singing: August 26

Here is our music for August 26. Have a listen and prepare for worship with your family! He is Exalted Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery Jesus O Praise the Name Behold Our God...

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What We're Singing: August 19

Congregational music for August 19, 2018....

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Jesus calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. He says this requires counting the cost. And so we say "I will!". But do we?...

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Good and Angry

Book recommendation from the National Center for Biblical Parenting....

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I travelled to London several years ago. I was there for the purpose of building relationships with our missionaries in the area and to discuss future partnerships. On Sunday evening, I visited a church in a borough on the east side of the city. The building was at least twice as old as our country, it was made of stone, and it looked like it could come falling down at any...

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What We're Singing: August 12

Congregational music for August 12, 2018. ...

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What We're Singing: August 5

Congregational music for August 5, 2018....

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Nashville Statement on Marriage and Sexuality


In 325 AD, the early church met together in the Council of Nicea to condemn (among other things) the heresy of Arianism. Then in 381 AD, the Council of Constantinople met to condemn (among other things) Apollinarianism. Throughout the centuries, the church has convened from time to time to assert plainly what it believes in the face of a culture that makes truth claims con...

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