4612 Rice Mine NE
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406 


Building Blocks begin on campus at 9:15 AM.
Sunday service begins at 10:30 AM.

What to Wear

No need to dress up. Some wear suits. Some wear jeans. 

What Should I Expect?

First time to attend a church? Been attending church since you were in the womb? Let us share a few things so you know what to expect. First, expect to be loved and welcomed unconditionally. We know that we have been loved by God despite our failures and sin. So we want to love people the same way.

Each week our meeting is comprised of prayer, worship in song, fellowship, and preaching. The service usually ends between 11:45 and 12:00pm.

Preaching - Each week there will be a message from God’s word. The goal of the message each week is not to entertain or amuse. Rather, it is to faithfully convey the message of God’s revelation in the Bible. Listen to previous messages on our sermons and midweek podcasts pages.

Music - Our music features piano, drums, guitar, and violin. We sing modern songs as well as old hymns from our Baptist heritage. Check out our music playlists on Spotify.

Prayer - There are several moments in the service where we stop for prayer to surrender our hearts to God. 

What About My Children?

Our worship service includes children ages 5 and up, and for many parents, this is fear-inducing. “But the worship service is quiet and reverent, and…have you met my kid?” While we understand the natural panic that sets in when you hear that, we encourage parents of young children to think about this differently.

You are vital to your child’s understanding of the gospel, Christian worship, and what it means to live in faithful obedience to Christ. In order to properly train children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, our children need to see us worship. We do not see our worship service as a pristine performance available only for those who can sit still and remain quiet. We think of the worship service as a language that needs to be communicated early and often so that it can be understood.

Therefore, you will see kids even younger than 5, and most of the time you will hear them too! We encourage our parents to bring their pre-k children in at least every so often to get them use to life with the big kids. You’ll be surprised that with some instruction, over time they will begin to understand what’s going on, settle in, and even participate in the singing and prayers (…and sometimes the sermon too! ;) ). We promise to be patient with you and with them, as we all seek to give the wonderful gift of the gospel to our children.

Click here for more information about our children's ministry.